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Primera upgrade campaign for out-dated CD/DVD copiers with up to 1,196€ savings.

Who still has an old Disc Publisher I / II / Pro / Pro Xi / XR and XRP and wishes for a new Primera Disc Publisher of the 42 series, has a cheap opportunity to upgrade now. Perhaps a repair is necessary but not desirable any longer? Karley is offering a new upgrade program temporary. Besides, the serial number of the old device must be called to us, be authorised by the manufacturer and it may not have been used already before in an upgrade campaign (indifferent from with company!). If this is the case then can we offer Primera's new Disc Publisher series to really cheap Wenn das der Fall ist, dann können wir Pimera's neues Disc Publisher Serie zu sehr günstigen exchange conditions. It does not matter if the device is working or not. Besides, the prices are really attractive.

Here a few examples:

  1. 063135 Disc Publisher SE-3 DVD Print & Burns CD and DVD EVK 1.495 € upgrade price: 1.199 € (save 296€)
  2. 063555 Disc Publisher DP-4202 DVD two burners CD/DVD and printer, 2x 50 disc capacity EVK: 2.695 € upgrade price: 1.899 € (save 796€)
  3. 063561 Disc Publisher DP-4202 XRP BLU two burners CD/DVD and printer, 2x 50 disc capacity EVK: 4.095 upgrade price: € 2.899 € (save 1,196€)

These are only the prices for the most common models and you can see that you can save up to 1,196€ if you buy a new XPR Blu.
You can get more information from your contact partner at Karley.