RobotHotfolder - CD/DVD robot special software

RobotHotfolder - print and burn disks

RobotHotFolder is an easy programm to burn around various criteria simply CDs or DVDs in a Primera Disc Publisher.

Besides, it is rather easy:

  1. Create a folder which should be supervised
  2. Create a label with variabels
  3. Start RoboHotFolder

Please note: This software is not available as freeware anymore, but as special adaptation with service. Please contact the sales department at Karley Deutschland for prices: +49 (0) 2361-979231-55


Then in the programme you define the autostart option. We have put down in the example that the fuel process should begin as soon as a *.pjl file does appear in the folder. You can also change this and steer after data amount in the folder or times - completely like you would want.

If one of the events has happend, the robot catches in to burn and print. If you have written a text, e.g., in of the trigger file per line, the robot will use this as a variable text for theirs print.

Therefore you can provide in an easy manner an automatic or CD / DVD semiautomatic if requested production process with Karley RobotHotFolder.

Should you have other wishes, inform of it us this and with pleasure we will adapt the software at her wishes.