RoboMerge - CD/DVD robot special software

RoboMerge - Data carrier restoration(DVD/CD)

Robomerge is software simply to be served with which you can restore damaged data carriers under to the Hilfenahme of her Primera Disc-Publishers. RoboMerge uses the Freeware software h2cdimage of the C't. Only data carriers by a sector size of 2048 bytes are supported.

They know this absolutely - which is read a CD in one disc drive, in other not, or, however, in one other parts are read than like with the next disc drive, so that presumably a desegregation can lead to a complete CD - and exactly this tries RoboMerge.


To the use a Disc-Publisher PER or XRP is necessary (two disc drives). The operating systems Windows XP and Vista are supported. The.NET 2.0 should be installed.


They must download just the file ZIP and entpacken. Begin then them process.exe. The programme will ask you then for the disc drives.

Supported robots:
Primera Disc Publisher PRO, Primera Disc Publisher XRP. Other robots are not supported. Should you have no robot, you can also use the programme if you have several disc drives in a computer. Only it makes of course sense to try to read a CD and to handle in the other disc drive again around the mistakes.


We cannot perform further going support, because the programme is not developed any more. You can put inquiries with pleasure by email or, however, our hotline - nevertheless, the programme should explain itself so just like that.


Because we give out this program freely and without gainful intention expel there is no other reason a guarantee to offer guarantee or the other. They pursue the software on own danger.

Manual RoboMerge
kundendoku.pdf - 3 MB

RoboMerge programm - freeware - 960 kB