RoboNetBurner - CD/DVD robot special software

Network Client for Primera Disc Publisher CD/DVD robotic systems

We are proud to present RoboNetBurner to you – our alternative software for Primera Disc Publisher Systems. With this software we don’t aim primera not to sell their PTPublisher NET Software to you, but we have a different focus:
  1. RoboNetBurner is simple
  2. RoboNetBurner is easy to use – just one form and GO!
  3. RoboNetBurner works in virtual environments (VMware, Citrix Winframe….) and thin Clients
  4. RoboNetBurner client doesn’t need a installation! Just open the program – that’s it!
  5. RoboNetBurner uses forms for the end user – no need to do a custom design!
  6. We made RoboNetburner to be a easy program – that everybody can use and that works on thin clients
  7. Roboweb is available in English, French and German

NEW: Load balancing for multiple robotic Systems now included
If you have multiple robotic systems, you can control them with RoboNetBurner – in one surface

Easy installation

  1. Connect multiple robotic systems to your computer
  2. Install the server
  3. Configure RoboNetBurner to use any CD/DVD robotic System in a load balancing mode – (Every Input Bin uses the same Media Type)
  4. Start your jobs – and they will be parted, so that every connected working robotic system will do some work for you.
  5. If one robotic system fails – because it run out of ink – the other robotic systems will catch the job.

Simple to use - 4 JobTyps, that are easy to use:

  1. CD / DVD with media data
  2. Audio CDs
  3. burn Image
  4. Print only

And if you don’t want everybody to burn anything – just edit the rights.ini in the RoboNetBurner directory

Unlimited clients
You can use the client software on as many clients as you like. We don’t make a limitation to this.

Free download

This software is free to download. If you need a licence key, send us an email and you will get one for free. No support included!!!