RoboPhoto - CD/DVD robot special software
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By popular request we improved and revised the RoboPhoto software and released version 2.5. The software is free of charge. If you don't have a Primera Disc Publisher, you can rent one from us before you buy it. CD DVD Robot rent

The software was last updated on 20.07.2017 to work with the new Primera Disc Publishers 4101 and 4102. We can extend the software at any time upon customer request. Please contact Karley Sales directly for prices for these options.

Success Story RoboPhoto in action

Mr. Ingo Shoppmann uses RoboPhoto with a Primera Disc Publisher 4102. How and why he uses RoboPhoto can be read in the following text. An overview of his work and services can be found on his website

RoboPhoto in action - PDF CaseStudy as PDF (German):
dp-4102-fotoshoppmann-casestudy-de.pdf - 1 MB

New in version 2.5 is an HTML editor! Now you can create an index. html and other pages for each CD by clicking on a checkbox, which can also contain a picture gallery! After inserting your CD, the index. html opens automatically and shows information about your company and services, as well as the pictures in a current version - on the HTML page!

Here are the changes of version V2

  1. Order of images according to different sorting criteria
  2. Saving the default paths
  3. Preview of the images to be printed.
  4. Sortability of the job table
  5. Robot actions visible in separate window
  6. New variables that can be specified for all jobs. For example, you can quickly print these variables on any CD/DVD
  7. *Up to 4 robots can now be connected optionally

New fields that can be printed:

  1. Creation date of the print image
  2. Directory path complete
  3. Only last subdirectory (used by many as order number)
  4. Image name with path
  5. Picture name single

Your CD could look like this:

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Folder selection:

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RoboPhoto solution for all kind of photographers

As a photographer, you have to distribute your pictures and movies again and again. Let's take the following scenario:

You are invited to take the photographs for the fifth graders of the MeierSchule. Of course, you will be able to take these pictures without assigning them to a pupil, but you also want to distribute CDs. Of course, this doesn't make any sense if you take all the photos on all the CDs. You may take 1-3 photos per child and then group photos. Creating a CD for each child is an extremely hard work that doesn't pay off and RoboPhoto is the right place for you.

You organize the images into directories quite quickly - let's say:

C:\Data and assign a subdirectory for each new child. \child001 .. \child002 etc. in which you organize the pictures for each child.

Now you don't have to do anything else in RoboPhoto than this main directory C:\Data and click on GO. Our program already produces the corresponding CDs together with a Primera Disc Publisher robot. The first found picture of the pupil will be displayed as contact abstract on the CD and the name. For example, if the child wants this photo on paper, it can be identified and reproduced very quickly!

At school, the children will then see the CDs with their pictures and can take them home to see the parents and decide whether or not they want the pictures.

If an error occurs, e. g. not enough CDs, a sound generator is built in, which warns you loudly and calls you to the robot.

Another function is the Advertising Info function, which you can use for various scenarios. This data is burned to all CDs together. Examples: - You would like to provide information about your company - you would like to add an autorun. info - you would like to send pictures like group photos that everyone should have.

Take a look on our movie first:

Data sheets, manuals & downloads

If you are now convinced, you can order the package right away, or of course you can contact us if you have any questions or wishes.