RoboReader V2 - CD/DVD Robot special software

RoboReader V2 - read data CDs with a primera cd/dvd robotic system

Just in time for the beginning, we now give the new version of RoboReader V1 – the free version 2. RoboReader V2 is a simple reader for Primera CD / DVD robot. Unlike version 1, it does not need a SDK. It must be unpacked only to the robot and then started. To use only the Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 is required, but that is now installed on most computers – if it cannot be loaded quickly from the Windows Update.

The V2 RoboRensic reads as opposed to only data CDs.


Free Download


The great thing about the RoboReader V2 is that it requires no installation virtually everything! Simply unzip the supplied ZIP file – e.g. to c: run \ tmp \ and. Be installed on the computer must have the Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0, but you have anyway if you have installed on your computer Primera's PTPublisher software.

Since we no engine or similar set up – no longer applies an installation!

Demo version complacent? No problem – you get from us like a version that lets you to automatically read to 3 media. Please contact sales at.