RoboSplit - CD/DVD robot special software

RoboSplit - Standards Software

RoboSplit version 2.1

You have a Problem and want to automate your CD/DVD Robots, connect it for archiving or to your EPR and the interface does not work? We can help you and program a tiny tool to fit your needs.

RoboSplit for example automates CSV or Database Publishing! You have an online store and get special orders? This is for example an standard Software that we can change for you. How do you do?

You have a CSV File with a standard structure. In Some field it tells us in which directory your data is stored. In other fields there are information on how many CDs, what to print etc. You can make a hot folder – or drag & drop the files. It starts automatically and publishes the data.

If you have nearly the same demands – we have a non expansive solution for you and can change it quickly.

RoboSplit CSV Datei

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You see here some import of a csv file. The program can import fixed and variable fields. You can even safe the setting files for reuse.

RoboSplit V2 Variabeln Eingabe