RoboWatcher - CD/DVD Robot special software

RobotWatcher - Monitor for PTBurn

This is a software – interesting for all people that use the Primera SDK PTBurn and have a custom solution. RobotWatcher is good for the development – so that you see what the robotic systems is actual doing – and for your clients – so that they easily see what the robot is doing, showing the jobs and even show how much ink is left.

Even if you use our Roboweb, RoboPhoto or other software – this is the tool of your choice, – something like the old PTBurn Monitor. If you install the RoboWeb and want some things to watch, we have a new free tool for you: RobotWatcher.

It monitors the robotic system and shows you nearly all information that PTBurn delivers. All you need is an installed .NET Framework 2.0. First go to Einstellungen and after the installation has finished go to the settings and select your PTBurnPath, even if it's on the network. Afterwards it will monitor up to 4 robots.

PTRobotStatus in your program
If you don’t want to show our interface, but want to have the single robot view in your code, we can provide a .NET Control to you! All you have to do is to drop this view into your program and give some settings to it! The other work will be done by our robot control.

Free download
If you'll need a key to activate the software, then send us an email and we'll send you one for free. Support is not included