RoboWeb Free Help - CD/DVD robots special software

How do I install the program?

The new Installation is very easy:

  1. Install your Robotic System + PTPublisher and Surething and do a sample disc to be sure that everything works fine.
  2. Download Xampp from and unzip it to i.e. d:\mpp
  3. Download setup.exe from us and run it. At the end the config.php will be displayed. Edit the path to RoboWeb and replace the computer name from ley-pc to your computers name.
  4. Open RoboWebServiceConfig and set the paths (PTBurn + Xampp)
  5. Restart the RoboWebService + PTBurn Service
  6. The Xampp Control panel will start – you have to start the services: Apache, Mysql + Filezilla FTP

You can now open your browser at http://localhost/robowebse/admin/
Go in to the system action and activate the found robotic system. No RoboWeb should work.


RoboWeb Setup.exe

How do I get help if it does not work?

We don’t want to leave you alone if you have problems. We have a service team and different service plans that you can buy at any time.

If you prefer professional support from us directly we can do this. Because the whole program is for free, we have to charge for remote Desktop support, or phone support. Therefore please go to – The Chat is for free for the first and easy questions. For further questions you need to use our support phone. (rates see at

Scope of service

The easy way of burning
In 5 steps the user is lead to the aim – print and burn an CD. You will always have keep your corporate ID – because we have an template System. The User can only fill in some text that is printed in the right place. Your designers do the rest. They once design a template that can be easily used. If you want a user to use his own design – now problem. Just allow him to upload his own label or JPG / BMP picture.

Easy Support
With this software you don’t need to install the software at every computer. You have a web-interface for all user rights and see what happens. You just need a web-browser. The User will need JAVA to upload files.

Admin-interface *
There is an easy administration-interface to administrate users, delete jobs, look how many ink or CDs are left.

Does your Mr. Smith always burn video, images or music? This is no problem any longer. You have the files on the server and you can just disallow him to burn Audio CDs or resize the Images – so that he will not burn any video CD.

Does your CEO need more rights and everything at once? No Problem. You can give him a higher priority, so that his files will be burned first.

Repeat Jobs
All jobs are stored by default. You can easily repeat it – just 3 clicks (1st: Repeat, 2nd: Numbers of Media, 3rd. GO). In the jobview you see how many CDs are already produced.

Many languages
We just program the program in two languages – but you can add your own native language. There are just some text files, that you need to edit. In some countries we have already distributors that do it for you. This service is not for free – but you can always translate it on your own for free”

Multiple robots
The web-interface supports up to 4 robots on one computer.