RoboWeb Free - CD/DVD robot special software

RoboWeb FreeWare Version - Web-interface for Primera CD DVD Robots

RoboWeb Free is published under GPL V2.0. You will get the whole php-source code within the download. The Java plugin is closed source. You can replace it with free software if you like. If you are searching for a signed Java-Plugin, we can provide it too – please contact our sales team for pricing.

Roboweb Installation and Download

Download and installation

We have newly included an iPhone APP to see what your robotic system is doing. You can reach it after Installation from the URL http://yourPC/roboweb/mobile.php. If you want it to be installed and started as a normal app, just click the “Add to your Homescreen” button, close the browser – and you will see the app on your home screen. From this point on it’s installed and you can use it as a normal iPhone Web-based Application without the top bar.

Support, Update, Services, Modules

We will continue to do some bug fixing, updating and programming. The software is not stopped – but because we don’t earn any money by selling we need to be payed for our continuous work. This means:
We do Service, Modules etc. if we have spare time for free. If it is urgent or the whishes are big we charge money for this.

We provide some different supports. The PHP Code is now open source – so that you can even fix bugs by yourself and send them to us – or let your webmaster add some new features to the roboweb.


Some Points to be know: – Installation requires PHP, MySQL, Apache2, Filezilla – Configuration + Service Requires .NET Framework 2 – web-browser requires Java on Client Site for upload.

The Software is not to replace the PTPublisher. It is another of production.

RoboWeb was awarded with the innovation award 2008

Our complete solution for the control and management of CD / DVD devices has been convincing. In 2008 RoboWeb was awarded at the Cebit with the innovation award of the initiative middle.

New - iPhone App for RoboWeb Free:

We added a Monitor for RoboWeb that can be opened in a web-browser on nearly every smartphone, including Apple iPhone and Android phones. All you have to do is to install the new version an open the url + mobile.php.

On an iPhone, you can even add the URL as an app simply.