USB-SN - CD/DVD robots special software

USB-SN - read serial numbers of USB sticks

USB Sn is our Utility with we the software for you register. We would be able to do absolutely the version to a Dongle binds, or Windows version. However, thus it is much easier. An USB-Stick everybody has and we must dispatch to you nothing.

USB Sticks have a hardware standard number as well as a Volume ID – often as a standard number called. The Volume-ID is, however, only one number e.g. Windows while formatting awards and therefore can be always different. Not thus the "hardware" serial number.

Now our tool lists on click both serial numbers from and can store the hardware standard numbers in a file.

This makes sense, e.g., if you liked to shop as an EDP trader USB Sticks and store away the standard numbers for the guarantee. In companies standard numbers must be stored t.w. with EDP to systems in the inventory always. You can select this in addition with our programs

Should small change wishes exist, inform us of this please. If we like your proposal and fast we shall be realised the software accordingly update.

The software is freely available and costs no money. Everything what you to the company need Microsoft is .NET Framework 2.0 which is installed today by most computers originally.

They must instal nothing and need, as a rule, also no Admin rights. Simply pocket first the USB-Stick, and then begin the programme by the following link. Should be installed on your calculator against expectation nobody.NET Framework 2.0, leads to repair you the Microsoft assistant around this problem with the official Microsoft update.

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.NET 2 sandbox for USB-SN Programm

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